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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce, also known as collaborative law or practice, is a legal process. It enables couples that have decided to end their marriage to work with their attorneys and other professionals. These may include financial advisors, child specialists, divorce coaches and others.

Why Choose Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law seeks to achieve a settlement that meets the needs of all parties and their children while avoiding the threat of litigation. No one may go to court. Usually it is the right course to follow when there is a certain level of trust. The entire process is less taxing emotionally. Another major benefit is that it is generally less costly to achieve the divorce settlement.

Who Can Provide a Collaborative Divorce?

The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois (CLII) provides training on collaborative law. The CLII is an interdisciplinary group of divorce professionals dedicated to helping Illinois families divorce with dignity and respect.  Lawyers who are members of the CLII, complete their training and receive their certification, are especially well-suited to help with a collaborative divorce.

David L. Pinsel is a Fellow of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois. He participates in an ongoing program of training and education so that he may successfully practice Collaborative Law.

Through his training and experience, Mr. Pinsel has acquired special skills in guiding negotiations and in managing conflict. He has received formal training in collaborative law. With his membership in the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois he supports the education of the public and improved standards of practice.

Mr. Pinsel is also trained in mediation in addition to Collaborative law and divorce litigation. He is a court-certified mediator in Cook County. Learn more about the advantages of collaborative divorce.

Collaborative Divorce

David L. Pinsel is specially trained in collaborative divorce law. Learn how you may qualify to obtain a collaborative divorce.


David L. Pinsel is a certified mediator. Learn how David can help you resolve disputes efficiently.

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