Strong Advocacy and Straight Talk since 1985

Divorce Law Firm Overview

Divorce attorney David L. Pinsel of The Law Offices of David L. Pinsel, P.C., has been providing strong advocacy and straight talk to families in the Chicago area since 1985.

Mr. Pinsel defines his job as helping good people going through bad times. Clients come to him at the lowest point in their lives ― their most-important relationships have collapsed around them and they’re facing divorce. They’re often concerned about the present and uncertain about the future for themselves as well as their family. Mr. Pinsel helps sort things out and bring his clients a brighter future.

An Experienced Lawyer to Protect

Family law clients experience every conceivable emotion including confusion, betrayal, and helplessness. Some are simply ready to move on with their lives while seeking to minimize the damage to their families. They may have limited assets and are concerned about the custody of their children. Each needs an experienced lawyer to protect them, someone fiercely on their side to get them the justice they deserve.

Advice and Advocacy

Mr. Pinsel works with people in Chicago and Indiana who are considering filing for divorce or have learned that their spouse is filing. They need someone to listen ― to advise and advocate for them. They need to understand their options and how to achieve the best-possible result, a bright future.

Mr. Pinsel practices divorce and family law because he likes helping people. And since 1985 he is privileged to be able to do so every day.

Fighting for What is Important

He helps protect them and their children in custody disputes. He fights hard for clients, but only on the important things, because our legal system is full of stories of ugly divorces that chewed up the families’ assets. That’s not David Pinsel’s style. He will fight ferociously when necessary. But his strategy is to be collaborative and avoid arguing over little things that can waste his clients’ money. He lives by the credo, “No one ever finalized their divorce wishing they’d paid their lawyers even more money!”

Qualified Real Estate Attorney

Mr Pinsel also handles real estate matters. He helps individuals and families buy their homes, condos, and commercial property, starting their lives, building and growing their families and businesses.

Collaborative Divorce

David L. Pinsel is specially trained in collaborative divorce law. Learn how you may qualify to obtain a collaborative divorce.


David L. Pinsel is a certified mediator. Learn how David can help you resolve disputes efficiently.

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