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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a non-binding, confidential process by which a trained neutral mediator, often a lawyer, helps couples that have decided to end their marriage reach agreement. Divorce mediation is entirely voluntary. It works best when the parties trust one another to disclose all relevant information and are motivated to reach an agreement in a fair and non-contentious way.

The mediator works as a facilitator to guide the divorcing spouses to take control of their own lives and make good decisions about their future. It is especially beneficial for parents who will need to make joint decisions about their children for years to come.

Why Choose A Divorce Mediator?

A divorce mediator seeks to assist spouses in reaching a mutually beneficial Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan (Custody Judgment).  In doing so, the parties can seek to avoid the cost, delay and emotionally polarizing effects of protracted litigation. By working out their issues through the mediation process, the couple may also develop a framework for having an ongoing relationship regarding children, a business or other issue that continues to bind them into the future.

Unlike divorce litigation that takes place in the public court system, mediation is confidential, private and conducted behind closed doors.

Who Can Be the Divorce Mediator?

A lawyer due to this professional’s skill in negotiation and conflict resolution often provides divorce mediation. However, the mediator cannot provide either party legal advice. Both parties in divorce mediation are encouraged to obtain their own independent legal advice.

David is a court-certified mediator in Cook County. Through his training, David has acquired special skills in guiding negotiations and draws on his experience to help separating couples find equitable solutions to challenging matters.

In addition to being a trial lawyer and mediator, David is trained in Collaborative law and is a Fellow in the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois.

Collaborative Divorce

David L. Pinsel is specially trained in collaborative divorce law. Learn how you may qualify to obtain a collaborative divorce.


David L. Pinsel is a certified mediator. Learn how David can help you resolve disputes efficiently.

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